Prawit Siriwat

Composer / Guitarist / Guy

Photo by Leonardo Mascaro

Photo by Leonardo Mascaro

Prawit “Wit” Siriwat is a Brooklyn based guitarist, composer, and guy. Growing up as a suburban rocker playing and recording in the Baltimore independent music scene, he co-founded Pieces of Mercury with his high school pals. After releasing their first EP, Clear the Way, Wit moved to New York to explore new musical territory.

At the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Wit honed his craft as a performing composer. Mentors like Ben Allison, Kirk Nurock, Samir Chaterjee, and Steve Cardenas encouraged him to explore creativity in all aspects of life. New York is home to a vast and diverse musical culture, and Wit has taken this opportunity to perform and collaborate with a number of bands and musicians like Rizzi, Bianca Muniz, Del Water Gap, Ruby My Dear, Luz Pinos, Genkin Philharmonic, and others. In addition to leading and playing in various jazzy configurations, Wit formed the proggy nerd-rock group, NeverMatter, and the co-led experimental improvisation laboratory, Three Bananas. The New School also selected him to lead a group for the Bern International Jazz Festival in 2014.

Wit continues to write and perform music throughout New York and is expanding his musical world into film scores, chamber music, and beyond. The thirst to learn and share musical experiences continues to propel him forward through ever-changing landscapes.